Alphabet post cards

This is the Alphabet!

When I moved to Berlin I was already the owner of a 100-plus collection of home-made greetings cards – mostly containing birds, hand-made by me, and I was stocked in over ten London stores and had an Etsy shop. The change of scene, and tone, language and culture made me take a new turn however.

I found myself rummaging around the book boxes in the back of junk shops and proceeded to cut the front covers up and stick them back together for a long 6 months of hibernation. The result was a full Alphabet, and a set of 16 Postcards, which then evolved into prints and soon an A-Z poster. The love started with the incredible shades of the books, their similarity to the English Penguin classics.

As a non German speaker I perhaps giggled to myself, or was perhaps indulging the ever present pun of not judging a book by its cover, when in fact, despite being an avid reader and lover of words, these words were foreign and unintelligible gobble-di-gook to me and all I saw was the cover. I ended up with Ikea bags full of coverless naked texts with no homes to go to in my cellar -who wants a book with no cover- gosh! These are some of the originals, below.

I started to adore the feel of the thick ridged covers and their incredible range of 60s and 70s tones that conjure up other eras.Each one was scanned and  played with for hours in photoshop and turned, with hours of love into a unique design.  The process was a joy and a mountain to climb and the result still pleases me.

The cover sticker has since been updated. Press SHOP on this site to order yours now.

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