Lovely and light, Lilienthalstrasse, Berlin

This was a great challenge. To create a fun and private room for a 16 year-old Berlin teenager who felt her bare, boxy room had nothing going on and hence never had friends over. The room was totally white, with nothing more than raw bones. No curtains or furniture, rugs or colour, just boxes and a heavy desk. Every interior designer’s dream!

This wonderful window looks out onto a quiet cobbled road, one of the prettiest in Berlin, with a glimpse of a huge Church and you can see the beginnings of the great Hasenheide park. Its a view onto an oasis of green trees and silence. I decided therefore that this window had to be the main living, reading, socialising hub; a place for pondering and chatting. A window seat seemed the perfect solution so I designed one with storage beneath, that wasn’t too imposing.

I wanted the desk area to be light and so had wood cut to fit and choose some elegant and red metal trestle  legs, with a few shelves above.

To create a sense that the room is an apartment, the entrance area was painted a totally different colour, a rich chalky blue from Valuc design. This the dressing and entrance area. Painting the door made it feel more spacious, and a vintage mirror placed opposite the double Ikea cupboard (which we bought two of) with its long mirror creates a wonderful sense of depth.

The back of David Bowie record works well as simple art…

The wood was painted white, as was the underside of the ceiling, so as to freshen up the feel of too much yellowy pine. This strip Moroccan rug from  Berberlin rugs in the entrance makes it instantly cosy, and with a small space, gives way to the next one romantic one, also from Berberlin.

The wallpaper runs all the way to the mezzanine level, giving the room a flow, as does the blue paint. We added two shelves to lift the feeling of this being a bed, essentially on the floor and to raise the objects from the floor, and raise the feeling of this tiny space. These beautiful cord pillows, from Valuc15 give an added sense of luxury, and the pink and green combination, which is one of my favourites right now, makes a fresh change from the room below.

This light was sourced from an art collector who valued even Ikea originals. I like the way it clashes with the floaty romantic feel. The idea is that you can fill the bucket with different objects as and when you like. I decided to fill it with fresh leaves to draw in the green from outside.

I hope there are many happy hours spent in here!

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